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Özel Yapım Reklam Ajansı

Meriç Nehri Tekirdağ, Çorlu, Çerkezköy Endüstri ve Kullanma Suyu Temini Projesi Planlama İşi

Project Location: Northwestern Turkey

Client: State Hydraulic Works (DSİ)

Financed By:  Republic of Turkey

Date:  April 2019 - In Progress

Scope: Industry in the Corlu-Cerkezkoy region, which accounts for a significant portion of overall manufacturing industry in Turkey, also requires plenty of water to operate.  In order to provide enough water to cover industry demands, flowrates in excess of 7.2 m3/s are proposed to be stored in intermediate storage tanks. As part of the Meric River Industrial, Commercial and Residential Water Supply Project Plan, appropriate studies will be completed and assessment reports will be completed that investigate industry supply to be directed to a nearby proposed water treatment plant. As part of the project, water supply potential of all sources will be evaluated and hydrology, expropriation, flood protection, and water rights studies wil be completed. Preliminary design of water retaining and water intake structures with main transmissipn line shall be completed.


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