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Isparta Eğirdir Lake Basin Sewer System Collector and Waste Water Treatment Plant Design

Project Location: Isparta, Turkey

Client: State Hydraulic Works (DSİ)

Financed By: Republic of Turkey

Dates: December 2016 – October 2019

Scope: Feasibility Study, Detailed Design Waste Water Treatment Plants And Waste Water Collectors Of The Various Districts Around Eğirdir Lake Basin, Preparation of Tender Documents,


Yalvaç WWTP, 8 400 m³/day, 

Gelendost WWTP, 6 100 m³/day, 

Büyükkabaca WWTP, 1 350 m³/day

Barla WWTP, 770 m³/day, 

11 different typical designed WWTP

Sewer Collector: 200 mm – 600mm, Concrete and Corrugated HDPE,  L=134 481 m

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