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Özel Yapım Reklam Ajansı

������mamo������lu At������ksu Ar������tma Tesisi Uygulama Projesi

Project Location: Adana, Turkey

Client: Adana Water and Sewer Authority (ASAT)

Financed By: Republic of Turkey

Date: September 2018 - In Progress

Scope:  The design of waste water treatment plant of İmamoğlu district,Adana  according to discharge criteria’s.  All detailed design works of; Transformer and Generator Building, Inlet pump station, Coarse Screen, Fine Screen, Grit Chamber, Distribution Chambers, Anaerobic Tanks, Aeration Tanks, Sedimentation Tank, Return and Excess Sludge Pumping Station, Blower Buildin, Sludge Thickening Building were completed.


Design Population: 30 500 cap.

Water Treatment Plant: 6 975 m3/day

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