Bizden Haberler

A meeting for the Suluova Project took place at ART Environmental Technologies Company.

On March 12, 2024, a meeting was held at the central office of ART Environmental Technologies for the Suluova Wastewater and Stormwater Project Technical Assistance and Supervision Services. The meeting was attended by representatives from the European Union Delegation to Turkey, ART Environmental representatives, the contracting company Gundoğu Construction – Mesogeos Business Partnership, and the subcontractor Rocpro Consulting. The main agenda of the meeting was the design review of the Suluova Wastewater Treatment Plant and the evaluation of the work carried out within the scope of the project. The meeting, which included Hakan YILMAZ, Z. Levent EREN, Nilüfer KARABAKAL, Yavuz YÜCEER, Savaş BİRGİLİ, Berna YANARATEŞ, and Asuman ÖZALTAY, made progress in the implementation of the project with presentations on the design phase and operational period of the facility. This meeting was one of the significant steps taken for the successful and rapid progress of the Suluova Wastewater and Stormwater Project.