Bizden Haberler

Representatives from İZSU Project Department and Art Environmental Technologies Company organized a technical visit to the Wastewater Treatment Plants in Marseille and Nice.

The İZSU Project Department and our company’s environmental engineer, Burak Tuncer, organized a technical visit on March 11 2024, to examine the wastewater treatment plants in Marseille and Nice, France, as part of the feasibility report, implementation projects, and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report preparation for the Karabağlar Wastewater Treatment Plant in İzmir. During this visit, various meetings were held with representatives from the Mediterranean Water Institute (IME), Marseille Water Authority (Communauté Urbaine Marseille Provence Métropole), Consul General of Marseille S. Evren Güner, and Nice Water Authority (Eau d’Azur). In these meetings, experiences, particularly in wastewater treatment, were shared, and information was exchanged.

The planned Karabağlar WWTP Project will be located in a densely constructed area of İzmir. Therefore, priority was given to the fact that the visited facilities are located within urban areas. Detailed discussions were held on the operational challenges, proposed solutions, and experiences of the wastewater treatment facilities in Marseille and Nice. The technical visit aimed to design and implement the Karabağlar WWTP as a facility that will serve the people of İzmir flawlessly for years to come.